Men's Capture Back to Back to Back PCAC Championship

Men's Capture Back to Back to Back PCAC Championship

The San Diego Mesa College men’s track and field team captured its third straight Pacific Coast Athletic Conference title on Saturday with an overall score of 298 points. Cuyamaca College placed second with 152 points and Southwestern College finished in third place with 104.  

“We performed well today, but our goals do not stop here. We have regionals in two-weeks and we start focusing on that today,” states head coach Sean Ricketts. 

“Our goal will always be about moving our athletes to the next level,” adds Ricketts. “We want to develop them not only as athletes, but also people that will contribute to society. We take pride in the fact that we did not overwork anyone, we did not sacrifice the well-being of our athletes to win.” 

All year long, the coaching staff preached to “trust the process.” They insisted after each meet to stay the course.  “Trusting the process involves not only what we do on the track, but also off of it,” explains Ricketts. “You have to trust the designed program and be consistent with our strength and conditioning, diet plans, schoolwork, and everyday life responsibilities. We also ask everyone to reflect on what they’re doing today and learn from previous performances to improve.”

“Today was a really good day, the men dominated. The women’s team, which only consists of nine members finished in second place. I am extremely proud of them,” states Ricketts. “We will have a handful of our women moving forward to regionals.”

“With regionals only two weeks away, we tell our athletes to take advantage of the resources we have at Mesa,” adds Ricketts. That means use our treatment room and see the trainers. Work hard, but work smart. Don't focus on marks or times, focus on the tactics and the process, if we do that, we'll be successful. 



Men’s and Women’s Track and Field Highlights from Saturday

* 18 conference championships including 3 relays (10 men; 8 women) 

* 44 athletes turned in personal bests including season bests 

* 39 out of 40 athletes qualified to compete at regionals (97.5%) 

* Women placed 2nd by 20 points (188 total points) with 9 athletes 


Event 4  Men 1500 Meter Run

1   Labra, Isaiah       FR SD Mesa              4:17.32    4:03.50 

2   Hussein, Abdi       FR Cuyamaca             4:26.06    4:05.71 

3   Alcantar, Cristian  FR SD Mesa              4:17.29    4:10.56 


Event 6  Men 110 Meter Hurdles

1 Clay, Jeremy        FR SD Mesa                14.82      14.78  NWI 

2 Coleman, Dylan      FR Cuyamaca               15.24      15.13  NWI 

3 Mickelsen, Aaron    SO SD Mesa                15.46      15.16  NWI 


Event 8  Men 400 Meter Dash

1   Price, Charles      FR SD Mesa                49.00      49.93 

2   Brown, Isaiah       FR Southwestern           50.45      50.59 

3   Ndiaye, Saliou      FR SD Mesa                50.70      50.77 


Event 12  Men 800 Meter Run

1   Hussein, Abdi       FR Cuyamaca             2:00.53    1:56.95 

2   Garcia, Ricardo     SO SD Mesa              2:02.98    2:00.95 

3   DeLaTorre, Carlos   SO San Bernardi         2:01.37    2:01.31 


Event 14  Men 400 Meter Hurdles

1  Vasquez, Jesus      FR Cuyamaca               57.84      56.13 

2  Orozco, Andy        FR SD Mesa                57.25      58.53 

3  Hernandez, David    FR San Bernardi           58.20      58.67 


Event 16  Men 200 Meter Dash

1   Price, Charles      FR SD Mesa                21.76      21.79  NWI 

2   Paisely, Cullin     FR Southwestern           22.51      22.23  NWI 

3   McElroy, Philip     FR Cuyamaca               22.59      22.44  NWI


Event 18  Men 10000 Meter Run

1    Rasmuson, Stefen    FR SD Mesa                        33:00.82  

2    Ramirez, Michael    SO San Bernardi        32:23.50   33:07.07 

3    Woldu, Medhane      FR SD Mesa                        33:36.52  


Event 22  Men 5000 Meter Run

1     Labra, Isaiah       FR SD Mesa             14:33.28   15:34.93 

2     Rasmuson, Stefen    FR SD Mesa             14:38.23   15:35.18 

3     Elias, Kibrom       SO Cuyamaca                       15:41.42  


Event 24  Men 4x400 Meter Relay

1 SD Mesa  'A'                                      3:23.94    3:26.88 

     1) Burton, Jake FR                 2) Curtis, Jake FR                

     3) Ndiaye, Saliou FR               4) Price, Charles FR              

  2 San Bernardino  'A'                               3:37.84    3:34.52 

     1) DeLaTorre, Carlos SO            2) Duenas, Fernando FR            

     3) Gonzalez, Isaiah FR             4) Hernandez, David FR            

  3 Southwestern  'A'                                 3:46.45    3:34.76 

     1) Murillo Guerrero, Ricardo SO    2) Sanchez, Diego FR              

     3) Brown, Isaiah FR                4) Paisely, Cullin FR      


Event 26  Men Long Jump

1       Calloway, Moise     FR SD Mesa                6.56m      6.81m  NWI  22-04.25 

     6.81m(NWI) FOUL      PASS     PASS      PASS      PASS    

  2      Cruz, Ezekiel       FR Southwestern           6.53m      6.52m  NWI  21-04.75 

     6.42m(NWI) 3.30m(NWI) 6.15m(NWI) FOUL      6.41m(NWI) 6.52m(NWI)

  3      Cristobal, Troy     FR SD Mesa                6.60m      6.44m  NWI  21-01.50 


Event 28  Men Shot Put

 1      Allen, Terrence     FR SD Mesa               12.61m     12.96m  42-06.25 

      11.46m 12.38m  12.07m  12.25m 12.68m  12.96m

  2      Folsom, Davey       FR SD Mesa               14.30m    J12.96m  42-06.25 

      FOUL FOUL  12.96m  FOUL FOUL  FOUL

  3      Mitchell, Andrew    FR SD Mesa               12.65m     12.70m  41-08.00 

      11.97m 12.01m  12.68m  FOUL FOUL  12.70m


Event 30  Men Discus Throw

 1      Leber, David        FR Cuyamaca              44.73m     44.93m    147-05 

      44.93m FOUL  FOUL  FOUL FOUL  FOUL

  2      Mitchell, Andrew    FR SD Mesa               41.54m     41.97m    137-08 

      41.97m FOUL  FOUL  39.55m 41.30m  FOUL

  3      Leyva, Juan         FR SD Mesa               36.01m     37.20m    122-00 


Event 32  Men Pole Vault

1       Coleman, Wesley     FR Cuyamaca               4.10m      4.05m  13-03.50 

     3.75 3.90 4.05 

        O   O  XXO 

  2      Fitzgerald, Nico    FR SD Mesa                4.37m      3.90m  12-09.50 

     3.90 4.05 

        O XXX 

  3      Rusnak, Thomas      FR Cuyamaca               3.35m      3.30m  10-10.00 

     3.00 3.15 3.30 3.45 


Event 36  Men High Jump

 1      Coleman, Dylan      FR Cuyamaca               1.90m      1.95m   6-04.75 

     1.80 1.85 1.90 1.95 2.00 

        O   O    O    O XXX 

  2      Cristobal, Troy     FR SD Mesa                1.83m      1.90m   6-02.75 

     1.75 1.80 1.85 1.90 1.95 

        O   O    O    O XXX 

  2      Osgood, Chayin      FR Southwestern           1.95m      1.90m   6-02.75 

     1.70 1.75 1.80 1.85 1.90 1.95 

        O   O    O    O   O  XXX  

Event 38  Men Javelin Throw

1       Mitchell, Andrew    FR SD Mesa               46.97m     46.75m    153-04 

      45.64m FOUL  46.75m  FOUL 45.45m  FOUL

 2      Allen, Terrence     FR SD Mesa               45.24m     46.15m    151-05 

      42.51m 41.81m  FOUL  41.10m 46.15m  FOUL

 3      Navarro, Oscar      FR SD Mesa               46.15m     43.86m    143-11 


Event 39  Women Hammer Throw

1       Allen, Brittney     FR Cuyamaca              32.72m     32.81m    107-08 

      FOUL 27.06m  31.53m  31.16m 27.56m  32.81m

2      Encio, Bianca       FR SD Mesa               27.49m     26.91m     88-03 

      17.90m FOUL  21.94m  FOUL 26.91m  FOUL

3      Dutton, Jessica     FR Palomar               27.72m     26.42m     86-08 


Event 40  Men Hammer Throw

1       Leber, David        FR Cuyamaca              45.37m     43.86m    143-11 

      40.01m 43.86m  FOUL  39.95m FOUL  41.80m

2      Allen, Terrence     FR SD Mesa               36.68m     38.54m    126-05 

      36.31m 38.54m  FOUL  FOUL 37.56m  37.17m

3      Allen, Travis       FR SD Mesa               35.46m     37.66m    123-07