SD Mesa Beach Volleyball Highlights

SD Mesa Beach Volleyball Highlights

 Mesa College v. Grossmont College

Grossmont College defeats SD Mesa 4-1 in best of 5 matches.

Team 1: Kat WrightFlavia Virgili (21-19), (21-16) - SD Mesa's lone win versus Grossmont College.

Set 1 (21-19) win featured great serving and defense throughout by Wright and Virgili.

Set 2 (21-16) highlighted by precise shots by Wright and Virgili.


Team 2: Olivia TomlinSarah Connell (14-21), (28-26), (5-15)

Lost a tough match in 3 sets.

After Mesa won set 1, set 2 appeared the to be the match breaker as the set went to an unprecedented 54 rallies, with Mesa falling short 28-26. Grossmont finished Set 3 with ease 15-5.


Team 3: Casey DonnellyMichelle Mercado (10-21), (21-18), (4-15)

Grossmont rolls in set 1.

A scrappy 2nd set by Mesa (21-18), featuring three consecutive aces by Casey Donnelly to open the lead, 14-7, evens the match, but GC walks in set 3, 4-15.


Team 4: Quinn FranksHeather Steele (11-21), (16-21)

Struggling ball control and offensive errors led to a Grossomont sweep 2-0, by scores of 11-21, 16-21.

Heather showed great defensive prowess.


Team 5: Lisa and Lizette Moore-Teague (8-21), (11-21)

Precision was the key to this match, as Grossmont picked apart Mesa's 5th team by executing shots and taking advantage of offensive errors by Mesa.


Mesa College v. Palomar College Recap

Mesa defeats Palomar 3-2 in best of 5 matches.

Team 1: Kat WrightFlavia Virgili (18-21), (19-21)

High energy battle with both teams giving it 100% on offense and defense. Palomar executed their offense more efficiently by minimizing errors and using the option.


Team 2: Olivia TomlinSarah Connell (21-19), (21-13)

Mesa pulled out the win in a back and forth set one.

Olivia generated several aces early in set 2 to grab the lead and they never looked back, overpowering Palomar, 21-13.


Team 3: Casey DonnellyMichelle Mercado (19-21), (17-21)

Falling short in 2 sets, Mesa and Palomar alternated leads for most of the match.

Palomar dropped a couple of precision shots to close out the second set and earn the win.


Team 4: Quinn FranksHeather Steele (21-10), (21-10)

Offensive domination by the 4's team.

Heather's serve was unstoppable, featuring a run of 4 consecutive aces. Quinn used power and finesse to keep the opponents off balance.


Team 5: Lisa Moore-Teague and Lizette Moore-Teague (LMT's) (21-18), (24-22)

Mesa won the first set by keeping the ball in-play and using their opponents errors to take the win.

Set 2 featured the greatest comeback of the tournament as Lisa and Lizette found themselves behind 14-20. LMT's rattled off 6 consecutive point with a couple aces by Lizette to square up the score 20-20, eventually winning the set and the match.

The remarkable comeback to win the set and match was the 3rd Mesa win to seal Mesa's victory over Palomar 3-2