Player of the Year

Player of the Year

Sophia Espinosa is the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference Player of the Year in the South Division of fall 2017.

Espinosa has trained diligently for 16 long weeks, earning a starting position for 20 consecutive games as an Olympian. 

She has led the conference in steals, finishing the season on top with 61. She sank 68 goals during the season, placing her 3rd in the conference, and assisted 19 additional goals. Espinosa's attacking prowess allowed the Olympians to finish conference undefeated 6-0 in the South Division, with an overall record of 15-8. The women battled Miramar College in the first round of Regional playoffs, losing to the Jets 7-9.












"Sophia is fast, aggressive and dominates the attack," states Jaclyn Puccino, Head Coach. "We can rely on Sophia to create scoring opportunities, whether she does so technically or creatively. I've seen both."

Additional San Diego Mesa women have been selected for conference awards.

1st team All-Conference: Sophia Espinosa, Lauren Mathews, Shyla Toledo, and Carly Lupien

2nd team All-Conference: Andreana Mill, Midnight Rhodes

Coach of the Year: Jaclyn Puccino