PCAC Track and Field Finals 2015 Schedule

PCAC Track and Field Finals 2015 Schedule


Hosted by San Diego Mesa College

Saturday 18, 2015


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  • 7250 Mesa College Dr. San Diego, Ca 92111
  • Campus map and directions may be located at : http://www.sdmesa.edu/directories/campus-map/
  • Parking Info:  Curb parking in Lot 2 will be available for buses to park after unloaded. Marked vans with "E" plates will not need a permit. Coaches and staff will receive staff permits to park in any parking space available. Students and spectators should purchase daily permits and park in available student parking. Please contact Renee Ross (rross@sdccd.edu) with your parking request/needs.
  • Parking available in parking structure, lots 2, 3 and 4 on East side of stadium and lot 1 on North West side as well as street parking.


  • 9 lane Super X Mondo  surface for track and all runways
  • Shot and Discus rings are concrete
  • ONLY 3/16" Pyramids (5mm). No needles or Christmas tree spikes permitted. A limited amount of spikes will be available to purchase.


  • Pacific Athletic Conference Championship will be determined by a two day competition.
  • Prelims: 1:00 pm –Wednesday April 15, 2015 @ San Bernardino Valley College
  • Finals: 1:00 pm – Saturday April 18, 2015 @ San Diego Mesa College



  • There will be a coaches meeting at 12:30 pm at the finish line before the meet starts.
  • The meet shall be governed by: NCAA rules, CCCAA Track and Field Championship Handbook and the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference Supplement. We will operate under COA decorum policy.
  • Timing: "Finished Results" (http://www.finishdresults.com/) will be used for the Finals meet.
  • Check-in: Runners must check in with the clerk of the course located at the south end of the warm up area at least 30 min. before their event. Field event athletes should check in at the event site within 30 min. of the start of their event.
  • Warm ups:  will be on the infield turf and baseball field. Also on upper grass field outside of event competitive areas partitioned off from rest of the field.
  • Weigh-ins: weigh-ins for implements will be located at the shed at the north end. Weigh-ins will be from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm. All implements shall be weighed, measured and marked as acceptable for use in the competitions. Implements will be checked again at the site prior to competition for approval. Illegal implements will be impounded and may be picked up at the conclusion of the competition.
  • Trainers: The Mesa Athletic Trainers will be available and located at the blue building on the west side. If you have any specific needs please contact the training room and speak to head trainers Tim Fischer or Anastacia at (619)388-2421. Please bring your own materials for taping, etc... Water will be provided at various locations in the stadium and upper grass field.
  • Locker Rooms/Rest Rooms: locker rooms will be available and located in the L- building. Rest rooms are located on both the east and the west sides.
  • Results: Final results will be posted on www.directathletics.com and www.finishedresults.com

FINALS Time Schedule:

Throwing Events:       Weigh-ins 11:30 pm – 12:30 pm

1:00 pm                                   Women's Hammer                              Upper Grass

1:00 pm                                   Men's Shot Put                                   Stadium

3:00 pm                                   Men's Hammer                                   Upper Grass

3:00 pm                                   Women's Shot Put                               Stadium

Jumping Events:      

1:00 pm                                   Women's High Jump                          Stadium

1:00 pm                                   Men's Triple Jump                              North End

3:00pm                                    Men's High Jump                                Stadium

3:00 pm                                   Women's Triple Jump                         North End

Running Events:

1:00 pm           W        3000 Steeple Chase

1:15 pm           M         3000 Steeple Chase

1:40 pm           W        4 x 100 Relay

1:45 pm           M         4 x 100 Relay

1:50 pm           W        1500

2:00 pm           M         1500

2:10 pm           W        100H

2:20 pm           M         110H

2:30 pm           W        400

2:35 pm           M         400

2:40 pm           W        100

2:45 pm           M         100

2:50 pm           W        800

3:00 pm           M         800

3:15 pm           W        400H

3:25 pm           M         400H

3:35 pm           W        200

3:45 pm           M         200

3:45 pm           W        5,000m

4:10 pm           M         5,000m

4:30 pm           W        4 x 400 Relay

4:40 pm           M         4 x 400 Relay



  • Team Canopies/Area:  ONLY allowed at the top of the stadium and not in front of or below to the side of the announcers booth. If canopy blocks view of announcer, canopy will need to be taken down.
  • Coaches, non-competing athletes and spectators shall not be permitted on the field of competition. Coaches on the field may result in disqualifications of athletes.
  • NO personal sound system, cell phones, etc..are permitted in areas of competition. In addition no boom boxes. There will be no electronic devices of any kind allowed in the area of competition.
  • Competing athletes must be in SCHOOL issued attire in the competition area. Speed suits cannot be taken down and women's uniforms must touch. Relay members must wear undergarments of the same color.
  • The failure to perform rule is in effect. Athletes must compete in all events in which they are entered or be removed from further competition.
  • Start and Finish is located on the south end on the west side of the stadium.