Most Valuable Player

Most Valuable Player

Natasha Camacho-Bier, a sophomore midfielder out of Point Loma High School and a transfer from NCAA Division II Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York, is the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference Most Valuable Player in the South Division of fall 2017.

Camacho-Bier has trained diligently for 16 long weeks, earning a starting position for 19 consecutive games as an Olympian. 

She sank one of her 22 season shots 25 yards out in the 88th minute of Mesa's 1-0 victory over San Diego City College. The win allowed the Olympians to advance to 4-3-1 on the season and 3-1 in the South Division, and earned Camacho-Bier the Athlete of the Week spotlight for the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference October 2nd.



"Tash is deceptively fast, aggressive and dominates the attack," states Todd Curran, Head Coach. "We can rely on Tash to create scoring opportunities, whether she does so technically or creatively. I've seen both."

Camacho-Bier has 2 game winning goals, 7 conference goals (8 overall) and 4 assists, proving just how valuable she is to the San Diego Mesa women's soccer team. The team finished 8-1-1, 1st in the conference for the 5th consecutive year and is seeded #13 (14-4-2) headed into the Southern California Regional Playoffs.

Additional San Diego Mesa women have been selected conference awards.

1st team All-Conference: Natasha Camacho-Bier, Jaquelyn Neves, Madison Cosgrove, Ana Sofia Salas, and Karlyn Ironside.

2nd team All-Conference: Amber Reinhart, Alahna Perez, Leslie Barreras

Defensive Player of the Year: Karlyn Ironside