Women's Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball Women With Another Strong Win

Beach Volleyball Women With Another Strong Win

SDMC v. El Camino, Rio Hondo at El Camino College, Torrance, CA.

SDMC sweeps Rio Hondo 2-0, with best of 5 match wins, (3-2, 4-1)

El Camino sweeps SDMC 2-0, with best of 5 match wins, (1-4, 2-3)

Near perfect weather conditions, sunny 73 degrees, mild breeze 3-6 MPH. Execution of shots and mental game will be the strongest factors today.


v. El Camino: EC wins (3-2)

-          Mesa earned one match back in round two versus El Camino, but still fell short (2-3). Mesa's first and fifth team earned their redemption after week one losses, each winning in two sets. The fifth team, Lisa and Lizette Moore-Teague, or LMT's, aced their way to a first set victory, accounting for an incredible 13 of 21 points. El Camino battled in set two but the LMT's were victorious.

-          Kat Wright and Flavia Virgili walked into the second set (21-14), and battled out and epic 50-point set earning the set (26-24) and the match (2-1).

v. Rio Hondo: Mesa wins (4-1)

-          Mesa also earned one more match victory in round two versus Rio Hondo. The second team was the only loss for Mesa, as Rio Hondo downed them in 3 sets (21-19, 19-21, 15-11), after alternating two point victories in the prior two sets.


-          Mesa's first team earned match of the day by bouncing back after falling 26-28 in a marathon set one. A solid second set victory (21-15) led to a deuce third set, with Mesa edging the win (15-13) to redeem their prior week's loss.


-          Casey Donnelly and Michelle Mercado edged their way into a (2-0)  match victory -(22-20, 21-19). The LMT's followed by closing out in two sets (21-19, 21-16).


-          The fourth team, Steele and Franks, cruised in their match (21-15, 21-14) by dismantling Rio Hondo's offense with mixed defensive tactics and a precision offense. This victory leaves them undefeated vs. Rio Hondo.