Beach Volleyball Women With Another Strong Win

Beach Volleyball Women With Another Strong Win

SDMC v. El Camino, Rio Hondo at El Camino College, Torrance, CA.

SDMC sweeps Rio Hondo 2-0, with best of 5 match wins, (3-2, 4-1)

El Camino sweeps SDMC 2-0, with best of 5 match wins, (1-4, 2-3)

Near perfect weather conditions, sunny 73 degrees, mild breeze 3-6 MPH. Execution of shots and mental game will be the strongest factors today.


v. El Camino: EC wins (3-2)

-          Mesa earned one match back in round two versus El Camino, but still fell short (2-3). Mesa's first and fifth team earned their redemption after week one losses, each winning in two sets. The fifth team, Lisa and Lizette Moore-Teague, or LMT's, aced their way to a first set victory, accounting for an incredible 13 of 21 points. El Camino battled in set two but the LMT's were victorious.

-          Kat Wright and Flavia Virgili walked into the second set (21-14), and battled out and epic 50-point set earning the set (26-24) and the match (2-1).

v. Rio Hondo: Mesa wins (4-1)

-          Mesa also earned one more match victory in round two versus Rio Hondo. The second team was the only loss for Mesa, as Rio Hondo downed them in 3 sets (21-19, 19-21, 15-11), after alternating two point victories in the prior two sets.


-          Mesa's first team earned match of the day by bouncing back after falling 26-28 in a marathon set one. A solid second set victory (21-15) led to a deuce third set, with Mesa edging the win (15-13) to redeem their prior week's loss.


-          Casey Donnelly and Michelle Mercado edged their way into a (2-0)  match victory -(22-20, 21-19). The LMT's followed by closing out in two sets (21-19, 21-16).


-          The fourth team, Steele and Franks, cruised in their match (21-15, 21-14) by dismantling Rio Hondo's offense with mixed defensive tactics and a precision offense. This victory leaves them undefeated vs. Rio Hondo.