Mesa Academics and Athletics Program (MAAP)


Mission Statement

The Mesa Academics and Athletics Program (MAAP) at San Diego Mesa College assists student-athletes in achieving their educational, career and personal goals. MAAP aims to help students obtain an educational degree and meet eligibility requirements based on the California Community Colleges Athletic Association rules and regulations. Most importantly, MAAP helps students succeed in the classroom and the athletic arena.


MAAP Goals

  • To assist student-athletes in the identification of educational, career and personal goals
  • To empower student-athletes to reach academic, career and personal success
  • To increase retention, graduation and transfer rates of student athletes
  • To encourage each student-athlete to develop independence, self-advocacy and to mature mentally emotionally, physically and athletically.
  • To create an environment within the intercollegiate athletic program that promotes academic achievement.
  • To provide CCCAA, NCAA, and NAIA resources.
  • To maximize the academic potential of student-athletes by providing an atmosphere that enhances learning skills, career development, and personal development. This will be done by encouraging the student-athletes to: Enroll in a Personal Growth course, utilize free tutoring services, and use the student services on campus (i.e. Transfer Center, Career Center, Counseling and others).


New and Prospective Student-Athletes

All prospective, incoming and current student-athletes must adhere to certain regulations regarding eligibility as governed by the California Community College Athletics Association (CCCAA.)  Below is an abbreviated list of eligibility requirements and if there are any further questions please contact the Athletics office at (619) 388-2737 

The CCCAA clearly states that all student-athletes must:

1. Must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units, 9 of them must be academic during the entire season of competition

2. Maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA

3. Must be enrolled in your designated intercollegiate class during the season of competetion 

New, incoming students to Mesa College can get their questions answered about how to get started with these three links:


MAAP Documents

1) MAAP Rack Card: Basic Information about MAAP at Mesa College

2) MAAP Recruitment Guide: A guide for student athletes to use when they are being recruited and/or trying to market themselves to transfer to a university/college for intercollegiate athletics.

3) MAAP Progress Report: See your coach for form


MAAP Links

Transfer Requirements

MAAP Events

Glossary of Terms

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Kristy Carson,

MAAP Counselor/Coordinator

(619) 388-2672